What happens with a writing exercise gone wrong

So I’m rooting though piles of old files (figuratively–I was searching through folders that somehow got moved onto this computer) and I come across this gem of a poem. It was written as part of a challenge in my second semester Form and Theory class. We had to write a poem about a subject weContinue reading “What happens with a writing exercise gone wrong”

"Problems with Hurricanes"

Anyone who lives in a hurricane area knows the dangers from wind and rain, but Victor Hernandez Cruz points to the real dangers. The campesino who speaks in his poem says “it’s the mangoes, avocados / Green plaintains and bananas / Flying into town like projectiles” that are the real danger, because there’s more thanContinue reading “"Problems with Hurricanes"”

An interesting new journal

I am ambivalent, at best, about my graduate school experience. Fayetteville, Arkansas isn’t the hippest place in the world to spend four years, after all. But Amy turned me onto a new project that some of the grad students there have put together. It’s called Linebreak, and it’s a format I haven’t seen before. TheyContinue reading “An interesting new journal”