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My BookTV Appearance

Back in the fall of 2004, as the Kerry-Bush campaign wound down, Stephen Elliott asked me if I would open for him as a reader at the Stanford bookstore. He was promoting his new book at the time, Looking Forward To It. I had no idea that the C-SPAN cameras would be there until the night before, when I accidentally ran into some friends having dinner in San Francisco and they let it slip.

Anyway, the appearance went off without a hitch, and I bought a copy of the DVD from C-SPAN–those are expensive, by the way–and for four years didn’t have a way to rip it and put the video online. Until last night, when Amy did it for me.

By way of excusing these poems, I can say that only one is published, and only two remain in my manuscript, the unpublished one having undergone some serious changes in the intervening years. Ah, the pain of looking at old work.



August 12, 2008 - Posted by | Brian Spears, C-Span, Looking Forward To It., shameless self promotion, Stephen Elliott

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