Something I’ve been working on lately.

Since I haven’t posted in a while. Accord -after Stephen Dunn My car a chrysalis, metallic blue,patches of peeling clear-coat,home-tinted windows rollingat the edges, but mine, my sacredplace. I ate and drank there, parkedunder trees, windows down, keyon ACC so the tape player would take me to places too coolfor radio to know, bucket seatContinue reading “Something I’ve been working on lately.”

How should we dream of this place without us?

That’s the line from Richard Wilbur’s “Advice to a Prophet” that really jumps out at me–line ten, just over a quarter of the way through the poem–and it stays with me through the end. I used this poem in my creative writing class this morning as an example for their next prompt (yes, I giveContinue reading “How should we dream of this place without us?”