New Piece up at The Rumpus

I’ve had my ass handed to me so many times when I write about poetry that I’m a little gun-shy, but for some unknown reason, I’ve written a piece about Elizabeth Alexander’s “Praise Song for the Day” over at The Rumpus. Here’s a taste. As a poet, I appreciate the gesture made toward the artsContinue reading “New Piece up at The Rumpus”

I love Julia Alvarez

I’ve liked her poetry for a long while, but I especially love what she’s done with the AP’s request for an inaugural poem. I’ve written before about my problems with Frost’s poem for Kennedy, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that I wasn’t alone. Alvarez voiced many of the same reservations, though in a farContinue reading “I love Julia Alvarez”

Poetic Lives Online: Random Poetry Links

The following is a new feature I’ll be doing every week for The Rumpus. I’ll be cross-posting them here in the hopes that I might actually do some po-blogging of my own, instead of focusing so much on Incertus. Thanks to Stephen Elliott for giving me the shot. With the inauguration of Barack Obama swiftlyContinue reading “Poetic Lives Online: Random Poetry Links”