Challenge: Haiku

Today’s prompt at Poetic Asides was haiku, a form I’ve never been fond of. I never quite knew why I wasn’t fond of it–it was more a visceral thing for me–but Jim Murdoch has outlined some pretty good reasons for disliking it, at least as it’s generally understood. I’m going to take a longer look at what he’s talking about, though, because there’s some promise in futching with the form, I think.

But for this exercise, I stuck with the tradition, even if it’s a messed up one, and the subject matter is the thing that’s overwhelming me at the moment–the last week and a half of the Spring semester here at Our Fair University.

Haikus for the last week of classes

The end of Spring term:
my ambient noise setting
is Buddhist morning.

I’d rather sweep, mop,
pull weeds, sift the litter box,
than grade these essays.

It’s raining today,
though not the rainy season.
No escape for me.

Coffee wakes me up
but the dose necessary
makes my comments poor.

Squirrel in the palm
looks in my window, chitters,
mocks. Hawk swooping by.

Alone in the class,
I count the minutes, seconds,
’til the bus is due.

Published by Brian

I'm Poetry Editor of The Rumpus, as well as a published poet. My first book, A Witness in Exile will be published later this year by Louisia

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