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I update this site far too rarely. I am a bad personal blogger, I suppose. But anyway, two sites to bring attention to. The first is a new blog by a dear friend of mine from Stanford, Shara Lessley. She’s apparently going to be moving to Jordan in a year, and her blog is going to talk a bit about her preparations for the trip, as well as the issues with a completely unfamiliar language.

Secondly, a new online journal I found not long ago (and immediately submitted to). It’s called Redheaded Stepchild and their requirement for submission is that your poems have to have been rejected by someone else, and they want to know who passed on them. You might ask, why would anyone want another journal’s castoffs? A few years ago, The Missouri Review did an issue on all the great stuff Knopf had rejected–including classics like Lolita. There are so many reasons why a journal might reject a poem, from being overfull to the poetry reader just having a bad day and refusing everything that came in, that there’s a good chance that someone else’s castoffs will make a fine journal. Here’s hoping they like my offerings.

August 7, 2009 Posted by | Knopf, Missouri Review, Redheaded Stepchild, Shara Lessley | 2 Comments