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First thing: Chinese poet Lu Xiaobo has been sentenced to eleven years in prison. There isn’t much people can do, but you can register your opinion on this via the PEN American Center website.

Mark Scroggins has inspired me to keep better track of how much poetry I read. Not sure if that’s what he was going for, but that’s what happened.

Gary Barwin comments on what he calls the cage match of Canadian poetry and wonders “why we can’t have both approaches as part of a vital and active poetry world.” Other than “both” buttressing a dichotomic view of poetic options, I agree with him. I think of myself as a poetic populist–room for everyone in the pool.

Alex Beam suggests libraries could help kill the e-book by lending them out. He couldn’t be more wrong.

My Twitter follow recommendation for this week is @rattlepoetry, the feed of Rattle. It’s a journal which is using the web as an addition to their print journal, and they use it well.

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January 3, 2010 - Posted by | Poetic Lives Online

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