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Philip Pullman writes about Blake’s poetry, and argues that it can be appreciated separate from the illuminations.

Thermos interviews Katy Lederer, who we reviewed nearly a year ago.

Anindita Sengupta on Indian English Poetry.

Inferno, the video game. It’s Dante in the same way “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” is Homer. Except it’s a video game. And Beatrice is in hell.

More on gender, race and poetry in this post at Harriet. And some good advice as well–advice I plan on taking as Poetry Editor here.

And on that note, would you like to write about poetry for The Rumpus? What was the last book or poem you loved? Send me a write-up, no length requirements, and I’ll publish the best of them. poetry-at-therumpus-dot-net.

Brian Spears

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