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Day 5

Today’s prompt is for a TMI poem, and I just didn’t feel that. Not that I’m shy about sharing–in fact, if you follow my twitter feed or become a Facebook friend of mine, you’ll discover that I’m often guilty of overshare. My problem was more that I just don’t like to write grossout poems, and that’s where I almost always go with TMI.

But Robert also suggested an information overload poem as an option, and boy do I know information overload. I generally write on a separate computer from my work one just to get away from most of the potential distractions. And I turn off everything around me, even music–I try to isolate myself. But for this I decided to turn everything on–an RSS reader I never use, email, Tweetdeck, Facebook, the tv (opening day of the baseball season) and just let it wash over me, grab snippets from everything and record it as I could (the cats play a part in this as well). This is more of an experiment for me than anything else, but I’m interested in hearing how you think it works. Prose poem form because breaking it into lines would give it a coherence I’m trying to avoid.

All we read is freaks Harang is making a lot of mental 1 All Friends Diverseman 2020 Goodafternoon,how is everyone lunch? Kevin Peterford likes your post I never considered myself a maverick The seventh foul ball of this at bat The Poetry Foundation should start a fellowship that helps poorly done online Tiger Woods Press Conference Harang three up and three down I want a burrito where’s the fucking mute button Email our essay on the 2 contemporary poems is due this Thursday, right? No, Thursday after that it’s on the prompt Thank you for giving us the chance to read your work It does not 115 Chinese miners freed 8 killed in attack How Butler can beat Is that the dryer? meow I just fucking fed you How about a single to left that brings in two egabbert @mattcozart I will swoop up and then down pterodactyl style Gladys quit terrifying the other cats You eat the weirdest stuff RT@pzmyers Mmm. Octopus tacos aagh mute button MUTE BUTTON! And then…and then, sir, we dance


April 5, 2010 - Posted by | National Poetry Month, original poetry, Poetic Lives Online |


  1. That sounds pretty accurate to me.

    Just replace the burrito with some sushi.

    Comment by Hannah Miet | April 5, 2010 | Reply

  2. Love it. I believe you knocked that one out of teh park.

    Comment by Amy | April 5, 2010 | Reply

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