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Day 6

Today is an ekphrastic poem, i.e. one which responds to a work of non-literary art. I’ve been kicking this idea around in my head for a few weeks now–okay, years, since I noticed the change in this particular piece just a few weeks after Hurricane Wilma came though south Florida in 2005. Here’s what it looks like now.

I’ve talked to friends in the Art Department, and none of them seem to have any info on the piece–in fairness, I’m talking to friends on satellite campuses, so the people at Boca might actually have worked all of this out, but I’m the one writing the poem, dammit, so I get to play how I like. So here’s my entry for day 6. Hope you like it.

Yellow Metal Sculpture, Unknown Title,
Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton Campus

Hurricane Wilma knocked one part over
and no one’s stood it up again. I wonder
if the Art Department’s noticed,
or if they’d say that’s just the nature
of outdoor abstract art, victim
to nature’s re-creative mouth.
Three pieces, painted yellow, faded,
angles bent in toward each other,
stood in a circle, all reached toward
the sky. One now on its side; clue
the three inches of rust down what
once was its bottom, once embedded
in loam, paint flecked away two inches
above by groundskeepers with weed-
eaters. I think I like it better now,
asymmetrical, irregular, broken.
Or maybe I just like that every time
I point it out to others, they’re surprised,
and I feel like the piece is part mine now,
that discovery can become creation,
as though I could sign it, name it anew.


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