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Day 29

I don’t want to say I’m mailing it in here at the end of NaPoWriMo, because I’m trying, but the prompts just aren’t sparking much in me. Plus, as this poem illustrates a little, it’s the end of the term, which means I’m burnt from the work and facing a pretty significant workload between final papers and final exams. I’ll be meeting my workshop for the last time this evening, and I’m looking forward to that, in large part because they’ve been a really engaging group of people to work with.

So with that in mind–it was a class on Poetic Forms–a sonnet, based on the prompt “And suddenly” in the title.

And Suddenly

It’s summer, in an academic way.
The days aren’t quite hot yet, but the classes
are nearly over. Once I post my grades,
I’ll be free for a while, sit on my ass
and try to catch up on the things I missed
since January–update my website,
read a book or three, explore the mess
that is my desk (no telling what I’ll find).

And then, as always, autumn will appear
sooner than it should, and bring with it
another batch of students, papers, grades,
responsibilities. I’ll get to hear
the same excuses, pretend to give a shit,
pine for my academic winter break.


April 29, 2010 - Posted by | National Poetry Month, original poetry, Poetic Asides |

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