I want some people in jail over this

“Internal documents from BP show that there were serious problems and safety concerns with the Deepwater Horizon rig far earlier than those the company described to Congress last week. The problems involved the well casing and the blowout preventer, which are considered critical pieces in the chain of events that led to the disaster onContinue reading “I want some people in jail over this”

Poetry, Obama, Dick-Riding, and E. E. Cummings

Elisa Gabbert noted this review of an anthology of poetry about Barack Obama’s first hundred days in office. The reviewer, Anis Shivani, is pretty brutal about the poems themselves, and I don’t have any reason cross him on that since I haven’t read them, and also because I don’t like occasional poems in general, andContinue reading “Poetry, Obama, Dick-Riding, and E. E. Cummings”

A Little More on Nostalgia

I’ve had some interesting snippets of conversation over the last day or so about my dislike of nostalgia, and it’s gotten me thinking about memory and the difference between having a personal comfort with our own past versus Golden-Age nostalgia. I still maintain that the latter is a bad thing, and that that’s what KeillorContinue reading “A Little More on Nostalgia”