Physical Book as Fetish Object

Don Share tweeted this excerpt from a longer piece about Andrew Wylie: “We spend 96 percent of our time talking about 4 percent of the business.” Wylie is talking about the current share of the market held by e-books. But it’s the statement which followed which interested me more. ‚ÄúThat 4 percent will climb slowly,Continue reading “Physical Book as Fetish Object”

The cost of education, and a bit on student evaluations

In the past, when I wrote about Stanley Fish over at Incertus, it was to blast him, usually over his (to my mind) ridiculous statements about atheism, and occasionally about his ideas on politics in the classroom. But here, he’s making sense when he talks about the problems with the consumer view of higher educationContinue reading “The cost of education, and a bit on student evaluations”

Poetic Lives Online

Check out this terrific interview with Amy King at Huffington Post on the current “Femininaissance” in poetry. Artifice Mag muses on summer reading and wants to know what you’re reading this summer. Dante Michaux on “What’s American about American Poetry?” Another year, different drama over the Oxford Poetry Professorship. Video from the Brooklyn action byContinue reading “Poetic Lives Online”