Poetic Lives Online

Have you heard about The Rumpus Poetry Book Club? Just making sure.

I’ve bookmarked this article on how to format poetry online, since I’ve had some problems along these lines in the past myself.

This year, Wimbledon’s official poet laureate, Matt Harvey, had the chance to write about the longest tennis match ever played. How did he mark it? With a haiku, of course.

We have a new Poet Laureate in W. S. Merwin, and Ron Silliman has some nice words for Kay Ryan, who is leaving the post. He also has some suggestions for future Poets Laureate, including one of my Rumpus Poetry Book Club co-chairs, Camille Dungy.

Artifice Mag is having a subscription drive. HTMLGIANT is talking smack about how much they can help, but I want The Rumpus to steal some of the glory of putting Artifice over the top. So, umm, go subscribe.

Published by Brian

I'm Senior Poetry Editor of The Rumpus, as well as a published poet. My first book, A Witness in Exile was published in 2011 by Louisiana Literature Press.

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