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Which is which?

This is a good example of the kind of musical acts we get here in south Florida. That’s an image from the Ticketmaster email I got last night. Now I will cop to having had (and probably still having, to some extent) a Stevie Nicks crush starting back when I was, oh, 9 or so. But I’ve never been a Rod Stewart fan, not in any of his incarnations, though I find his “Every Picture Tells a Story” phase the okay-est of the bunch.

In case you think I’m just taking a single act and extrapolating, here’s what else is on the menu according to Ticketmaster: Kylie Minogue, WWE Monday Night Raw, Julio Iglesias, and Foreigner. On the plus side, Interpol and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings are also playing, so it’s not all bad.

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