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Two Weeks

What you see is the cover of the e-anthology I tweeted about a couple of weeks ago. It’s titled Two Weeks, it’s published by the great folks at Linebreak, and you can get your copy here for five bucks.

It’s called Two Weeks because that’s how long it took to put together, basically. Johnathan Williams and the people he worked with took and read submissions, made decisions, and coded the whole thing in two weeks, which is impressive on its own. But it’s not everything.

Because Linebreak does this thing where they get other people to read the work aloud. If you want a sample, just scroll down the Two Weeks page and you can hear Dorianne Laux reading Christina Stoddard, or James Tolan reading Joe Wilkins, or others. And if you buy the book, you can hear Rachel Richardson reading my poem in a far funnier way than I do–and that’s a compliment. The poem is meant to be funny. I actually read two for the anthology–Oliver de la Paz’s “Hendrix on Vinyl” and Piotr Gwiazda’s “Dante on a Plane.”

I haven’t seen it on a Kindle reader yet, or for that matter, on anything other than my phone, but it looks good on my phone at least. It’s worth the five bucks. 58 poems with 58 recordings of those poems–that’s less than a dime per poem! How can you go wrong?

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