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Me. Not me.

There are a lot of people named Brian Spears out there, and a few of them are more famous than I am. That’s not a high bar to clear, mind you–I’m a poet, for starters, and even the best known poets in the US are barely recognized at literary conferences. I don’t even have a book yet, which gives you a sense of where I am on that totem pole. Somewhere below the footing, I’d imagine.

One of those namesakes, probably the most famous, doesn’t even spell his name the same way. He’s Bryan Spears, who’s the brother of the most famous Spears on the planet. I talked about it in passing here, and the coincidental connections between our families are amusing at times. They generally help me get through the first day of classes–both have mothers named Lynn(e), his sister and my daughter share a name (also different spellings), and we lived relatively near to each other. In fact, at one time, Bryan and I were in college together–Southeastern Louisiana University. I discovered this when a friend asked me why I wasn’t in math class–I hadn’t had a math class in a year by that time. The story gets less interesting from there.

Then there’s this one, who sounds like he has a really cook job. Special effects guy with an IMDB page and everything. Seriously, I’m impressed.

There’s this Brian Spears, who works in real estate and is a former Marine, and this one, who’s a defense lawyer.

And then there’s the other blogger, the other Brian Spears. When I clicked on his blog a couple of days ago, I saw my polar opposite. It was like that episode of Star Trek where Kirk (my middle name, frighteningly enough) gets split into his good self and his evil self. I leave it to the reader to decide which of us is which.

I’m kidding on that last part, of course, but we really are different. He’s a conservative Christian who mourns that Huckabee is out of the presidential race. I’m a progressive atheist who wishes the two Democrats were more liberal. About the only thing we have in common is that we both like Macs over PCs. Look at his blogger profile–we could be brothers. At least cousins. Scary stuff.

So anyway, for anyone looking for the poet Brian Spears, from Louisiana, who went to Arkansas for grad school, who was a Stegner Fellow, here you go. Me. Not me. Me. Not me. Me. Not me. I hope that clears up any confusion.

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