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Sweet Jeebus

National Poetry Month is over. Whew. I actually squeezed out the 30 poems in 30 days, no cheating or using previously written material. I’ll admit, there have been years where I haven’t produced thirty drafts of poems, good or bad, and that can’t continue. It’s the most condensed period of writing I’ve ever done, and it was tough given the end of the term and the new responsibilities I took on over at The Rumpus. It’s been brutal at times, and I will admit that not all of what I wrote will likely survive to be revised or sent out. But it was a good exercise all the same, and one I plan to repeat more than once in the coming year.

So now starts the task of revision, submission, and putting together another manuscript. It never ends, and I’m glad for it.

P.S. Ive tried posting this for five days now. Here’s hoping it works tonight.

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